The Bike Blackspot campaign


Get the app and log your local bike blackspots.
Together we can lobby for a better bike network.

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Click on the spots on the map to see reports that have been submitted through the app.

Let's make cycling safer and easier

Cyclists around Australia are fed up with being endangered, ignored and neglected by Governments. You're invited to share your experiences of our nation’s Bike Blackspots and help us demonstrate why cycling funding is urgently needed.

Together let's build a better cycle network

Together we can build the case for substantial and sustained funding for cycling infrastructure, by reporting potential improvements and danger zones in our local areas.

How does the app work?

When you log a report, your feedback is sent directly via email to your state transport minister, the federal transport minister and your Greens transport spokespeople at state and federal levels. Your report is also logged on the Bike Blackspot map. All reports will be collated and used to make the case for better bike funding and fixes.

Tell us more

Contact admin@bikeblackspot.org with any additional comments or ideas you've got to make cycling safer and more enjoyable for all Australians. Can't get the app? Simply email your feedback with the location and a photo (optional) of the blackspot to admin@bikeblackspot.org